Оригинальные 14 2 мм цветные смешанные экономные контактные линзы свежие оптовые мягкие Private


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Product Description


Package Quantity
Two Pieces
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Lenses Color
Three Tone
Using Cycle Periods
Lenses Hardness
Center Thickness
Lenses Hardness
PP blister
Water content
20 Pairs
Expiry Date
5 years before open 1 year after open
ISO13485 & CE 0197
1 year

Product packaging

Packing Details:
1. There are two pieces/one pair in a box;
2. Able to make your own private label (OEM), only start with 50 pairs;
3. Support brand personalized custom packaging with MOQ of 500 pairs;
4. Ready to ship product can be shipped within 3 days;
5.Customized packaging can be shipped within 2 weeks;5. Customized designs can be within 1 week for your approval.

Company Profile and Brand Info

Hapeyemin was established in 2017. We specialize in the design, development, manufacture and sales of contact lenses.

We are the only manufacturer of colored contact lenses in Hunan Province. Our 1000 employees, including highly educated professional engineers and highly trained skilled workers, ensure high productivity and efficient production.

At the same time, with the support of stable material suppliers, our current production capacity exceeds 3 million pieces/month, 80% of which are for export. We operate our in-house equipment and work for your OEM/ODM projects. Our experienced engineers are skilled at using advanced technology and equipment, allowing us to meet your custom requirements.
With an annual production capacity of 30 million pieces, we can easily meet your bulk orders.

Our products mainly include colored contact lenses, crazy contact lenses, clear contact lenses and contact lens care solutions. Some of our products have obtained Chinese patents.

The company has successfully applied for 26 patents. Our products are exported to more than 80 countries and are well received by users. If you would like to benefit from our strong OEM/ODM capabilities and considerate service, please contact us today.

We pursue the business purpose of "quality first, service first, reputation first", and hope to cooperate sincerely with our customers!

Customer's Review



Q: What is the quantity per box?
A:A box includes a pair of contact lenses (2 contact lenses). This means if you want to buy 1 pair, please select the quantity "1"to place the order. Likewise, select "2" for 2 lenses.

Q: Do single boxes have different degrees?
A:For regular non-prescription lenses or prescription lenses, we can provide different prescriptions in a pair of lens cases. If your eyes have different prescriptions/degrees, you can buy 1 box of different prescriptions. For toric/ astigmatism lenses, you can select or choose different powers individually /separately for both eyes.

Q: Do I need to take measurements before ordering contact lenses?
A:Not required if you already have a valid degree. Otherwise, it is recommended that you obtain a valid prescription from an optometrist or optician before placing an order. If your prescription is still valid, but you start to notice some changes in your vision, you should recheck.

Q: Can I buy round lenses if the size and base arc are different from what I'm wearing now?
A:Most of our lenses have a base arc of 8.6mm. But not everyone has 8.6mm bc, but a +/- 0.2mm deviation is generally accepted. For example, for 8.6mm bc, you can be 8.4~8.8mm and you should be fine.If you are unsure, we recommend that you seek advice from an optometrist or eye specialist.

Q: Will my eye color affect the color of the lenses?
A:To some extent, yes, round lenses will blend into your natural eye color, so there may be slight differences compared to the pictures you see on our website. (As you know, everyone's eye color is different). These pictures are just to give you an idea of how colored contact lenses look on your eyes. They can't be represented accurately because the model's eye color has some influence as well as the color value of the picture.

Q: How long do contact lenses last?
A:Our lenses can be used for 1 year, depending on your usage and maintenance, we usually advise customers to throw them away after 30 days, but we've heard customers use up to 90 days. The rule of thumb is to discard them as soon as there is slight discomfort.

Q: Can I soak my lenses in salt water?
A:No, saline is not used to sterilize round lenses. The salt water is just for rinsing. You should soak your round lenses in contact lens care solution.

Q: How often should I change the lens case?
A:It is recommended to replace the lens case every 3 months to minimize bacterial infection in the lens case.
Q: How to remove protein?
A:First, always use an all-purpose solution to clean and remove protein. Also, use protein removal tablets.

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